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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

James calls out Ryan & fucks up HIS game now!!

Well, Ryan's game is fucked now, too! lol Blame it partially on James and the other part on Ryan himself for being so stupid.

James pretended that he wanted to "campaign" to Ryan in front of Adam, but his mission was to do some more damage..this time, to Ryan's game and open up his eyes to Natalie and her lies. What does he do after 20 mins of arguing? Runs to Natalie! It's like he can't think without her telling him how to think.

During the arugment, James calls out Ryan for making a deal with him 4 weeks ago to 'watch his back' and that he 'owed him one' for saving Ryan (and voting Matty out instead). James makes it clear to everyone that Ryan's "word" means shit. Ryan gets FUMMED by this and James couldn't care any less at that point and told him it's over & done with and to let it go. Ryan storms off, then comes back a minute later screaming again and accusing James of talking shit during that 1 minute he was gone (which he wasn't). During all of this, Sheila finds out just how close to going home she really was and it's not sitting well with her. Her trust in everyone (but James and Adam at this point) has gone out the window!!

Naturally, Ryan went to Natalie (who was in the sauna since they're on interior lockdown) and bitched about everything. So now Ryan and Natalie are all excited and can't sleep...which was another part of James' plan (to keep them up all night so that they're shit for the HOH comp today).

In 1 night, James successfully turned the house against Natalie (plus he plans on destorying her only vote in sequester with Matt just in case she gets to the final 2..ensuring that Natalie won't win BB9 no matter what), and he also outted Ryan for going against his word and then having Sheila see his true colors.

Ryan & Natalie are officially their own "alliance" at this point by default. So if Ryan & Natalie don't sleep well for the HOH comp tomorrow and it's an endurance comp, Sharon & Sheila will have a better chance of winning (rather than Ryan or Nat)...and of course Adam can't play since he's the current HOH.

Here's the fight between James & Ryan:

Part 2:

Part 3:

and Part 4:

Stay tuned...