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Sunday, April 6, 2008

James campaigned to Ryan w/ no success (vids)

Late last night, the house was alive with game talk!! It was the first time in a while that I was bouncing around from camera to camera and trying to catch every part of every convo.

OKay, so this is what's up:

Around midnight last night, Adam & James were outside in the backyard having a smoke (which, by the way, Adam only has 3 packs left..uh oh! lol) and James was telling Adam how Ryan & Sheila were in the bedroom talking game. Ryan is using the veto to take Sheila off, but that's only for Adam to put up James and get rid of him..he's not doing her a favor by "saving" her, but she thinks he is. So, she tried to make deals with him like "If I win HOH, I won't put you on block!" LOL She's so stupid.

Anyways, so James told Adam that no doubt deals were being made by Sheila to Ryan and vice versa, and James told Adam to nip that in the butt and tell Sheila exactly what's going down and that it has nothing to do with saving her. James also tells Adam to put him (James) up on the block because it's what Adam has to do in order to save his own ass in the game.

Then later on, Sharon & James were laying down in bed together and whisper-talking game play on how to keep him in the house. James gets up to go to the bathroom and Sharon told Ryan what the plan was. Then Ryan & James talked, but Ryan told him that things were set in stone already:

So that's about it. We'll see what the POV ceremony brings!!!

Stay tuned...