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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Saturday's Report-April 5th

Hey everyone! Here's your update on what the HG's have been up to today:

Well, nothing really. The feeds have been rather boring since James is scheduled to exit the BB house on wednesday.

Late last night, Sharon was in the hot tub and talking to Ryan. She outed her "Girl Power" alliance to him and it seems that they (Ryan & Sharon) have an alliance together. When the hell did that happen?? I asked around and nobody else seems to know about this, so I don't know if this is a new thing or what. Either way, Sharon was talking about this week being a possible double eviction (which it will be) and Ryan was saying he doesn't think so. They talked about possible scenarios and such since when it happens, they'll have less than a minute to make a decision on who to put on the block. If Ryan or Sharon win the double-eviction HOH, they're gonna put up Natalie & Adam.'s part 2 of their talk:

So, how many alliances does that make for Sharon now? The "Girls Power" alliance, the "Team Christ" alliance, and she's still on James' side from their previous alliance, and now this one with Ryan. Arghh, I can't keep track of this girl. *sigh*


Natalie has been denying, left and right, that she ever gave Matt blowjobs. Why she can't just admit it, I dunno.

Moving on...

So, about the whole James going home thing: I wish we could see Adam's diary room sessions (and James' as well) because I think BOTH of them have something up their sleeves! I think James is laying low until the POV ceremony tomorrow to see what happens (smart!) and I would not be shocked if Adam put up Natalie instead of James. The word of the girls alliance is circulating around the house and it doesn't take a genius to look around and see that once James is gone, it's gonna be 3 girls vs 2 guys. He talks about wanting the competition gone, well...after Adam & James had that heart to heart the other day, I wouldn't be surprised if he teamed up with James (a strong competitor) instead of playing AGAINST Natalie (which he would know he would have to do if not now, then very soon). Or, Adam could do nothing at all and evict James. Or maybe it's just wishful thinking that Adam will shake the house up a bit. We'll find out tomorrow!!

Speaking of Adam, he talked to the camera in the backyard around 12pm BBT, kinda funny lol

In other news, the HG's FINALLY got their "Outside Toys" that they won during the food comp. They got a put-put golf thing, a Q & A game, and some radio controlled monster trucks...which ran out of batteries minutes later lol

More of them playing with toys:

And here's a clip of them playing the Q & A Table Topic game (though it's not a game, its just cards with questions on them):

Here's something funny: Adam & Sheila had a verbal fight today lol Adam told her that the HG's are sick of her talking all the time! Haha!

And this is a personal favorite of mine: Natalie gets busted talking shit on Sheila! LOL (Thanks to Adam! ;-) )

In other random news, Ryan pulled a muscle and the D.R. told him "no phsyical activity" for the next 48 hours, so he's pretty much out of commission until monday night. I think it's a muscle in his chest that he pulled, but I'm not sure cuz he never did really say what happened. Probably an injury from over-eating or something.

And that concludes your saturday report!! A whole lotta nothin' going on. Tomorrow will either be VERY interesting, or very boring. We shall see. :)

Until then..

Stay tuned...