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Thursday, April 3, 2008

James campaigns to Adam...Ryan gets pissed at Adam..

The feeds are ALIVE!!!! They're actually TOO alive, it's hard to keep up with videos and such.

Okay, so after the food comp, James campaigned to Adam and was telling him that he has NEVER fucked him over and Adam agrees.

Then Adam and Ryan were in the HOH room and Ryan was getting PISSED at Adam because he was saying he doesn't wanna put up James. Ryan went so far as to say "Don't puss out, dude." Ryan is pissed only because he's not running Adam's HOH like he and Natalie normally do and Ryan would be at risk if James didn't go on the block.

Then Natalie joins in and they team up on Adam for a long time (30+ minutes):

Then Sheila joins in...

Then Natalie campaigns to Adam some more in the HOH room..

More updates coming up!! Right now, Natalie and Adam are listening to James in the HOH room. It's not a pleasant conversation.

Stay tuned...