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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Food comp is over now! (video)

As the food comp was happening, Big Brother let us live feeds viewers see what was going on!

The food comp was a messy one, and it looked hard (everyone seemed to be struggling pretty good). Take a look for yourself:

April 3rd Food Comp Live Feeds Leak:

The feeds then went back to flames.

Just a few moments ago, the feeds came back and the girls were showering and brushing their teeth, as Ryan was on a mission to get some band-aids for Adam. Everyone was telling Sheila how good of a job she did during the comp...wait a minute...Sheila actually did something this season??? It was probably by accident lol

Alright, so the HG's are NOT on slop this week (and they're pretty happy that! lol). Ryan said that they don't have fruits or vegggies for the week, but they did get carbs/breads and pastas, meats & fish, an outdoor grill (the boys will love that I'm sure!!), desserts and some snacks. They are set for this week! ;-)

Stay tuned...