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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

James lays down NAKED beside Natalie!! (updated @ 5:47pm EST)

I told you guys it's starting!!! GET THOSE LIVE FEEDS TODAY!!! Trust me, it'll be worth it for sure! LOL

James went outside in nothing but his jacket and a towel. When he approached Natalie (who was lounging in the sun), he took off his towel and jacket and was naked. lol

Update @ 5:25pm EST:
Natalie is PISSED and is already crying "sexual harassment". Big Brother called him into the D.R. once and told him the rules and James told everyone that they told him "common sense" stuff (I'm sure stuff like don't touch her with his penis and etc). James plans on being naked ALL DAY long and will continue to rattle Natalie to the core! Oh whatta day this will be!!! lol

Update @ 5:43pm EST:
James was watching Ryan & Adam play chess...while still being naked. lol

Anyone else find it hilarious that Natalie said her dream last night about Adam's penis was a "sign from God" about James' penis?? lol I didn't know that God gave people signs from above through dreams of penises.

Then James got called into the D.R. and he went in, naked & all! ;-) The HG's are now locked inside the house and they think that maybe Big Brother is decorating the backyard for their Hawaiian themed party (Adam had put in a request for hard liquor and decorations and a daquari machine earlier in the D.R.) The HG's are saying that Baller would be "the man" if it all actually happened.

Stay tuned...