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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday night's CBS show review

Okay, I just got done watching tonights CBS episode. It was the POV Comp and Veto Ceremony episode.

Well, we know now that Adam DID in fact throw the POV comp. James was the 3rd person eliminated from the game. They showed Sheila, Ryan, and Natalie doing a victory dance in the main bathroom and Natalie saying that she'll be able to give Matt his birthday present (James). I can't wait until she sees all the shit he's talked on her, how he used her for head, and that he kissed Chelsia & Sharon as well. Maybe that will open up her eyes in the future with men.

Moving on...

They showed Adam saying that he took the "safe route" during his HOH by throwing the POV and nom'ing James for eviction (after Sheila was pulled off by Ryan). And they also showed Ryan saying that he can't trust Natalie but he needs James to be gone because he's too strong of a player.

At the end of the show, the announcer guy never said anything about a Double Eviction tomorrow, which I believe they have told us in the past the night prior to the live show. So that leads me to believe that there will not be a double eviction tomorrow, even though last sesaon it was this time in the game that a double eviction occured. Hmm!! Interesting. Maybe CBS has something else up their sleeves? I know you James haters aren't gonna like to hear this, but I'm wondering if CBS is going to pull something that keeps James in the game (if he can't pull it off himself by tomorrow afternoon). The numbers of James fans is far much greater than James haters, and CBS could pull something out of their ass to ensure that James stays strictly for ratings...or maybe not since it would piss off the James haters/Natalie lovers. Either way, tomorrow will be interesting!

Speaking of tomorrow, the HG's have been saying how they think tomorrow will be an endurance comp and if that is true, then I'll have to re-stock my snacks for tomorrow so I have something to munch on while I'm watching the endurance comp on the live feeds!! ;-) They haven't done an endurance comp for weeks so I wouldn't doubt that it will happen tomorrow. If for some reason James DOES end up staying (highly doubtful at this point though), then he would own that comp for sure and win HOH.

Currently on the live feeds:
James had a power-nap today and he's in a hate-on-Natalie mood again! lol He just said "Natalie, you're as fake as your boobs!" Ohh's gonna be a WILD night!!!

Stay tuned...