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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Josh goes off on Sheila!!! (vids)

Josh has been hearing Sheila campaign AGAINST him all day today and he finally had enough of her bullshit! He went into the Spa Room as Sheila was trying to convince Natalie that they should get out Sharon, not Josh. This pissed Josh off because every week, Sheila campaigns for HERSELF and to further herself in the game, but it's not helping her like she thinks it is, it's just pissing people off and they're on to her little game.

Josh, who has been extra nice lately, couldn't take it anymore and he blew up at her. Her defense? "I'm gonna go tell the diary room that you're threating me!!" Gawwd, she is such a freakin' baby!!! Not 1 houseguest thought he was threating her (and they were around when shit went down and heard everything).

Josh: "This isn't your fucking battle, Sheila!!!"

(Videos courtesy of Quirkydude)

Notice how Natalie was on Josh's side? And while in front of everybody? She's not being too sly about being on Josh's side lol ;-)

More to come!!
Stay tuned...