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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Live Eviction tonight: Who will go home?

Good afternoon, kids!!! Well, today is D-Day for either Sharon or Josh, but it looks more like Josh at this point. While Natalie is keeping her promise to keep Josh in the house if it does go to a tie (and even telling Sheila that she will keep him because it's in her best interest), it seems that Adam & Ryan will be voting to get rid of Josh....but then again, you never know. Will Ryan hold up his end of the secret alliance with Josh and keep him? Will Adam, who changes his mind every hour, flip again and vote to keep Josh? We'll find out tonight!

The HG's seem to think it will be an endurance comp today. Even Adam was trying to build up his endurance yesterday in the pool by swimming laps and with Natalie coaching him into how to build it up. If it is an endurance comp, then it *will* be shown on the live feeds!!! CBS will show about 3 minutes of it live on the air, but you can see it all unfold on the feeds minutes later. These are the times that feeds really pay off! I LOVE watching endurance comps!! I have my potato chips on standby for tonight! ;-) lol

Right now, at 12:46pm BBT, the feeds are showing Adam & Natalie reading the bible. Ryan is laying down in the bed next to them, and I'm not sure what everyone else is doing since all 4 feeds are on Adam & Natalie laying side by side in bed reading the bible. (Helllooo!! Control room people, wake up and change the feed now!!!!)

I'll be here reporting all day what's going on. The feeds should switch to standby mode about 2 hours before the live show begins at 8pm EST but I'll report any last minute happenings until then!!! :-D

Stay tuned...