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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Live Eviction show has begun!!!!

8:08pm: Right now, they're showing Josh's fake crying scene to Adam...
8:11pm: Nat tells Sharon & Sheila that James & Josh are trying to get Adam/Ryan to vote Sharon out. "We have to stick together!" says Sheila.
8:12pm:Nat talks to Ryan privately, Ryan tells Nat that Sharon can't be trusted!
8:13pm: Nat tells Sharon that Ryan can't "trust her". Sharon then tells Ryan that they are all "fucked" if Josh stays cuz they'll gun after Ryan & Adam.
8:14pm: Ryan promises Sharon that she will be safe and he'll vote out Josh instead.
8:15pm: Nat works on Adam, Ryan walks in and they all plan on getting Josh out.
8:17pm: James & Josh talk in the jacuzzi. James said "Sharon is gonna be blindsided (when she gets voted out)."


8:22pm: Julie chit-chats with houseguests, Sheila said James is smart & playing a good game (when asked what her thoughts are about him after he went off on her).
8:23pm: "It's hard to campaign against such a great person." says Sharon
8:23pm: "I loved him since day 1 and we'll be best friends outside this house!" says Sharon
8:24pm: THey're showing Josh's parents, they're not happy with his harsh words and they say that is not "the real Josh" and they think it's just his strategy. He's normally a very sweet and loving guy.
8:26pm: Adam (in the Diary Room) "If Sharon stays in the house, it's gonna be girls vs guys. But there's something fishy about Josh, you can't trust his word at all!"


8:30pm:Julie talking to Nat in the HOH room. She thinks Matt was very happy to see Chelsia walk into sequester. "Matty's not my boyfriend or anything, they can do whatever they want but I do care for him." She says Ryan is her closest friend in the house and she trusts him. Nat says "God talked to me when I was little and told me that I am the glue to my family" (Julie asked about her letters from home)

8:32pm: Sharon & Josh are saying their "Keep me because..." speeches.
8:33pm: Voting begins!!!

Evicted from the BB house is:


(James was the only vote to keep Josh)

Julie will tell Josh that he is evicted right after commercial...
..back from commerical now..

Josh told everyone, as his goodbye speech, to "Be true to yourself. I am proud of being Josh! Be true to who you are and you will go far in the game and in life."

(It was a very nice speech! :))


HOH comp is starting and another stupid Q & A comp (wtf??!)

Stay tuned...