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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I think Josh will stay, and here's why...(vid)

I know alot of you think that Josh will get evicted tonight, but I think he will stay and here's why:

Ryan & Josh have a secret alliance with each other.

Natalie told Sheila (in the vid below, which happened about 2 hrs ago) that if the votes are a tie, Natalie will vote to KEEP Josh. Sheila wasn't happy about it, but she eventually understood that it's best for Nat.

Ryan told Natalie that he will NOT keep Josh in the house and that if the votes come to a tie, then it was Adam that flipped, not him. (Sounds like he's going to vote for Josh to stay and then pin it on Adam after the fact!!!)

Here's the video of Sheila & Natalie talking about the votes around 1pm BBT:

What do you guys think?? Leave a comment!!

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