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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Veto Ceremony is today!!

Hey everyone! I took off Saturday from being glued to the live feeds to enjoy the nice weather (finally!) I hope you guys enjoyed your Saturday as well! :-D

It seems that I didn't miss anything while I was out. Ryan and Adam had several mini-convo's about what their plans are: Ryan will keep the noms the same (since he won the POV on Friday) and Ryan is trusting Adam to get rid of Sheila. I actually wouldn't be surprised if Adam kept Sheila. We will find out soon enough though! It's another case of 'wish we could see the Diary Room sessions' to see what is really going on inside Adam's head.

Today is the Veto Ceremony and we'll see if Ryan actually keeps the noms the same or not. He could take Sharon off and put up Adam just to be sure that him and Sharon (which with whom he has an alliance with) would be safe.

There's really no videos to be posted, it's a bunch of the same old convos and random talk..but it all comes down to Ryan saying he'll keep the noms the same and how he needs Adam to get rid of Sheila, and Adam saying that he's "done" with Sheila and she's going home.

As soon as I know what happened during the nomination ceremony, I will post it here! I have to get offline for the early afternoon for a family function but I won't be back too late. If you wanna get the live feeds, today would be a good day to get them since it's pretty uneventful as of right now, but that will surely change tonight and until the end of the season on the 27th!! Since the feeds are free for 14 days, and with only 1 week until the season finale, you can get the live feeds for FREE for the rest of the season!!

Alright kids, I'll be back around 6pm/EST!!!

Stay tuned...