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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Something is going on...(vids)

I'm not sure what, and I'm just as anxious to find out as you guys are, but something isn't right in the BB house!!

Ryan, the HOH, got the camera today to take HOH pics (normally a Tuesday afternoon thing), and everyone has been called into the Diary Room to say their goodbye messages. I'm still trying to piece together all the details I missed while I was out of the house today, so bear with me.

Another thing is that the HG's have been on interior lockdown all day long!! Ryan and Adam commented earlier about how loud the set-up crew outside was being and that different power tools were being used at the same time. Endurance comp set up perhaps? If so, for when? For whom? My mind is racing!!

Here's a video of Sharon and Sheila talking about everything and how things aren't on a normal BB schedule:

Veto Ceremony hasn't been held today but they're supposed to be so I'm not sure what the hell is going on!! Big Brother has thrown off the HG's and myself lol

In a panic, Adam tried to make a secret Final 2 deal with Sharon for her to have his back. Sharon didn't accept the deal though:

Sheila went up and talked to Ryan in the HOH room tonight. She talked about how she can't trust what Adam will do, and neither can Ryan. Ryan has no clue what Adam would do (vote out Sheila or Sharon):

After that convo with Sheila, Sharon went up to the HOH room and tells Ryan about the Final 2 deal that Adam tried to make with Sharon:

Then Adam went up and talked to Ryan and pinned everything on Sharon by saying he was "testing" her to see if Ryan & Sharon had a deal together:

and Part 2:

In case that Ryan keeps the nominations the same, and Adam is the sole decider in who stays/who goes, Sheila spent some time talking/crying to Adam trying to convince him to keep her over Sharon and that she's had Adam's back the whole game:

Part 2:

Also, I want to appologize for saying "Nominations" were today. I think planning my wedding has officially made me crazy and it was an honest mistake lol I meant to say Veto Ceremony. :P Thank you to those who caught that. It's all fixed now! lol

Okay, now ya'll are ALL CAUGHT UP on what went down today and what is going on!! More updates will come soon, so..

Stay tuned...