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Monday, April 21, 2008

While we are waiting for the feeds to come back...

Okay, I've been asked this question over & over again recently, so I figured I would post this here:

Question: "Will you be coming back to blog for Season 10?"

Answer: YES!!!!!!!!

I am coming back to blog for Big Brother Season 10 (which starts in early July)! :-D I'm actually looking MORE forward to blogging about Season 10 than this season because I won't be busy planning my wedding and I'll be eating/sleeping/breathing Big Brother this time around with no interuptions!!

I am truly thankful for each and every BB9 Blog fan out there and I hope ya'll join me for Season 10!! I have a NEW url for season 10, it is:

(It's not 100% finished, so please excuse the "mess" lol)

So go ahead & click on that link and don't forget to bookmark it! If you do forget though, don't worry; I'll post the new URL on here at the end of the season so you can still find it! ;-)

Okay, more updates to come the second I know something! If nothing happens in the next hour, I'll post an update anyways so I'm not leaving ya'll hanging in suspense lol :-P

Stay tuned...