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Monday, April 21, 2008

The feeds came back and...

The feeds came back for a little bit this afternoon (I had to run across town for a couple of hours and just returned). During the time that the feeds came back on, Adam worked on Ryan trying to see if it was okay to keep Sheila and evict Sharon! If you think about it, it's actually a smart move for both Ryan & Adam since Sheila sucks at every comp lol But it's an even sweeter deal for Adam who is in a secret alliance with Sheila..well, kind of a secret alliance.

Anyways, so here are the videos captured by my good friend xx2OOxx:

..and Part 2:

Okay, the feeds are on trivia again and have been on trivia since around 8pm EST. I will be here GLUED to the computer and will bring you every update I can until the early morning!! :-D Get comfy kids, it's gonna be a loooong night! LOL ;-)

Stay tuned...