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Monday, February 18, 2008

BB house fights with Amanda, Alex & Parker fight!

I woke up this morning, got the coffee going, sit down at the computer with my first cup of coffee and went to my favorite celeb gossip site Perez and this was the first thing that I saw:

I damn near spit my coffee out!! The first thing that ran through my mind was "What the f**k is Amanda doing on the front page of!!"....then I played the video and all my questions were quickly answered.

Here's the jist of what happened last night:

Everyone was outside, Chelsea started to call Amanda out (for apparantly saying something in the sauna about James??) and the convo gets heated...but then all of a sudden, Joshua comes out of left field and starts SCREAAAMINNNG at her, calling her a c*nt (arghhh I hate that word!), telling her she has a "horse face" and to "giddy up back to the stable".

Watch the 1st video to see what I'm talking about:
(Videos courtesy of xx2OOxx)

(I really thought Josh was going to hit her, didn't you?! Holy shit!)

Alot of truth came out of that fight though, well...if everything that Joshua is saying is true and I believe that it is. According to Josh, Amanda likes Parker and is sick of how jealous Alex is and that Alex tried to finger Amanda the other night (confirmed by Amanda herself).


We also got to see a side of Chelsia that we haven't seen yet...she's confrontational, she calls people out, she yells, acts crazy, and sadly....I lost respect for her when she dropped this line on Amanda:

Chelsia: "Give her a noose!"

Now, if you don't already know, Amanda told all the HG's about her father who committed suicide by hanging himself when she was 21 yrs old. So to say a comment like that, just blew me away and all my respect for Chelsia just went right out the window. Un-fucking-believeable. That comment *WILL* come back to haunt her, mark my words. Even if she made it to the Final 2 (and boy is that jumping the gun a bit), that comment could easily be thrown back in her face (why housguests continue to hurt their chances of winning this game, I'll never understand.)

Anyways, I digress. So....

Watch video #2:

HOWEVER....I do have to agree with Chelsia when she said "you're in a house where you cannot let people know what trips you!" (How very true!) A good friend of mine once told me years ago "People only know what you tell them about yourself." and then he added my fav piece of advice ever: "Never put yourself in the position to get fucked, unless you wanna get fucked." Basically meaning to think before you speak and be careful of what *you* want others to know about you. Simple advice, but great advice!

Moving on...

Alex. Poor Alex! Man, he got embarressed, pissed, hurt, and saw his future fate in the game & all in about 2 seconds. This screenshot is about the point that all of that became Alex's new reality (the pic says it all):

Like he said in video #2, I hope that they have a singles week whenever he's up on the block. There's no reason that Alex should go home because of Amanda's doings.

Parker and Alex got into it a fight shortly after the other fights calmed down. Parker is upset that..well...just watch the video (fast forward to 4:57):

Parker's shot at staying in the house were long gone anyways, so I don't know why he's getting so upset...unless this is that "miracle" that he's pulling out of his ass like I said could happen (in yesterday's post). He could campaign around the house saying that Alex just threw him under the bus (so to speak) and that he wants another shot. Will it work? Highly doubtful. Parker and Jen, at this moment and since a few days ago, are going home. And if that wasn't proof for you...'s Ryan telling Jen that she's going home (and he's happy about it!):

I see those 2 breaking up very soon and Allison will surely maker her move on Ryan (after Jen is gone) and I think Ryan will go for it. Just my two cents.

Okay..there's LOTS more to post about (a ton of shit happened this morning), but let me get this posted and I'll work on part 2 of the "overnight report" (that is more like a fucking book at this point! lol)

Stay tuned...