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Monday, February 18, 2008

Part 2 of the Overnight Report (major drama!)

After all the drama, things got hashed out and talked over.

Amanda was saying how rude it up it was that Chelsia to say the whole "get a noose" comment to Parker, Sharon and Jen (and they agreed but didn't make it a big deal).

Alex, Amanda, Jen and Parker went into the Spa Room and talked calmly to each other. Alex said he was trying to defend her (Amanda) and that he went against her and when she started going against Alex (by stating things that he's said/done..I'm guessing the whole fingering thing.) I think Alex is trying to do some major damage control for his sake. He patched things up with Amanda and all is good now.

If you read the post below and saw the last video I posted, odds are that you're a bit confused to what Jen & Ryan were fighting over. Well, here's your answer so listen up:

Jen said that she dated a black guy and that Ryan hated that fact and that its probably the reason Big Brother paired her up with Parker. Ryan then was concerned that Jen was making him look racist on the show, and that's where that video is all about. Jen only dug herself into a whole even more when she claimed that Ryan has a "race issue"..that set him off and his response was "I'm not a fucking racist!" Jen responded by saying that Ryan HAD an issue with race, but not anymore (what the fuck does that mean?? lol) And the person that is making the whole situation worse is Sheila. She was going around making it sound like Ryan is a huge racist, and it was Jen who actually told Sheila that. What a big cluster-fuck game of "He said, she said." This house, these people, THIS GAME!!

Take a look at the video, courtesy of TheRealDeal

Then drama continues when someone poured water on Allison's bed. Everyone blames Jen, and they attack her for making up some kind of song (this is where I get a little confused myself). Folks, this is the nail in the coffin for Jen and Parker. They're toast!

THEN.....that's where the video of Ryan & Jen comes into play:

Phewww! That was alot to take, wasn't it? Last night was CRRRAAAZZYYYY, with a capital "C"!

...and you don't have the live feeds because ...WHY????


More to come, so stay tuned...