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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Chelsia & Crazy James had their FIRST KISS!!! (video)

Just as I was about to turn off the live feeds for the night, I saw Chelsia climbing into the HOH bed with James (both were buzzed/drunk by that point) and like I've been saying all night, I just KNEW that they were gonna kiss!! And guess what, THEY DID!!!

And who caught it all on video from start to finish?? Yours truly!! ;-)
Here's the 2 part video series of Crazy James and Chelsia kissing for the very first time!!

Here is Part 1:

..and here is Part 2:

Things got a little weird when James started to pressure Chelsia in making out some more and at one point (after I stopped recording), the BB producers called out James' name over the loudspeaker and then the live feeds cut to the fireplace. This was at a time that Chelsia was in the bathroom and James was on the bed listening to a CD player. Who knows what was said, could have been anything. But in the live feeds chat room, other chatters think they told him to turn down his CD player (he had the headphones on) and that maybe the audio was leaking into his mic (though I never heard any I dunno.) Chelsea sat in a chair in the HOH room, pondering over what just happened:

A few minutes later, James then went outside and smoked a cig with Ryan and Adam. They formed their own little "Bros" alliance...kinda...and then James asked Natalie for a massage and she said yes. So those two went into the Spa Room (a couple of the girls were in the sauna, couldn't tell who though) and Natalie gave James a good rub down.

I'm not really sure why Chelsia kept stopping/starting making out with James..I think it was alot of things. She's there to play the game, she knows Showtime's "After Dark" show was on, and she knew her dad was watching her, and she also knows that sex can really screw things up. These are all things that she said right after their make-out session went from hot to ice cold. I guess we'll see what she has to say in the Diary Room! Now if they can keep both of their mouths SHUT, then they won't have a problem in the game. But, I have a feeling that there's gonna be trouble in paradise soon because of this. Time will tell!!

UPDATED @ 12:30am EST:
James passed out on the massage table and the whole house went to get him and moved him to the lounge bed in the Spa Room. On both Showtime and the Live Feeds, we saw nothing but heard "is he still breathing?" in the background from one on the girls. My guess is that they brought in a medic or a producer to do a quick exam of James to make sure he was okay. Chelsia passed out upstairs in the HOH room on the bed and Josh covered her up and made sure she was okay and turned off the lights. I could hear someone (Josh, perhaps?) saying that between James and Chelsia, they downed a whole bottle of Bloody Mary and a whole bottle of Wine.

Updated @ 02:00am EST:
Thanks to xx2OOxx, we now have video of James passed out in the Spa Room and the HG's trying to wake him up:

Guys, if you don't have the live feeds, I can't stress this enough of HOW MUCH YOU ARE TRULY MISSING!!! From new alliances, to fights, to blowjobs, to nakedness, to scheming...24 hours a day!!! What are you waiting for??!

Get the Live Feeds!!!

I'm going to bed now (at 2am/EST), but I'll be back with a full overnight report with more juicy stuff to show & tell ya'll in the morning! ;-) Until then, g'dnight and...

Stay tuned...