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Thursday, February 21, 2008

"Good morning, Houseguests!"-Feb. 21

Since so much happened last night and it was all reported by yours truly as everything was unfolding, there's not going to be an Overnight Report...the previous blog post *IS* the overnight report! lol Josh said (this morning) that there was a tiny bit of drama with Shiela and Adam but nothing major (I'm not sure what happened, but it doesn't seem serious and there's no issues this morning).

Let's catch you guys & gals up on what's going on right now:

The house is on lockdown.

Today are nominations and a comp. The houseguests are thinking it's going to be a food comp. And if you're wondering about when they will have their margarita party, the diary room said it wouldn't be for a "few more days".

Here's a shot of Natalie (with something else in her mouth other know. lol)

Everyone is up and having their coffee, eating yogurt, and making their protein shakes. Big Brother woke them up at 8:30amBBT and a female voice came over the loudspeaker saying "Houseguests, if you don't get up, this comp could kill ya!" (referring it to being a physical comp). The HG's are all sitting around the breakfast nook and talking...

While Chelsia feels fine, James is suffering from a hangover (but doing pretty well). James ended up walking up to the HOH room around 4:30am (he passed out in the Spa Room on the massage table from Natalie rubbing his back and being drunk.) Though Chelsia feels fine, she started to toss & turn around 5am and that drove James crazy and he yelled "would you fuckin go downstairs?!" because it was disturbing his sleep. Since Chelsia couldn't sleep well, she said she's looking forward to taking a nap in the afternoon.

Matt is getting on my nerves today (what else is new? lol)..all he ever does is freakin' complain!! He complains about himself..and about other people...such a whiner! Finally he gets tired and starts to fall asleep at the breakfast nook...

...and then he went to lay down (and Adam joined him about 5 mins later in the other bed)...

Don't they look awake today? lol The comp will be interesting to watch when CBS airs it.

More updates to come!!
Stay tuned...