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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Recap of tonights show on CBS (Sunday)

I love seeing how CBS edits everything from the live feeds and seeing what they *don't* show.

They showed Chelsia & James' first kiss (but they didn't show how it got kinda weird about 20 mins later when James was almost forcing himself on her), they still haven't shown anything regarding knobber-slobber Natalie giving oral on Matt (probably just keeping the show a PG rating), they showed the Food was a fish game where 3 people from each team had to fill up the other teams' fishing nets and whatever team couldn't hold their nets anymore, lost.

Let's see..what else did they show...

They showed the nomination ceremony (where Matt & Natalie, and Amanda & Alex got nominated for eviction) and James told Matt & Natalie that they are physically strong and that if they want to stay in, then they need to win the POV (which we already know that they didn' was Josh & Sharon).

If you've been reading the blog, then you know everything that was on the show tonight. They've showed everything from the screencaps that I posted for you guys, to videos and info that I've posted. So if you missed the show, don't sweat it-you already know everything! ;-)

I'll fill you guys & gals in on the live feeds in just a second, hold on!