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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Feb. 24th-Veto Ceremony results (spoiler)

Hey everyone!! Okay, so real quickly, let me update ya on what Sunday was like in the good ol' BB house..then I'll move on to the veto ceremony (its a spoiler!)

Here's a quick Overnight Report first:

The HG's had their Margarita Party late last night, Matt and Natalie got into a huge fight that lasted a while (Matt admitted to kissing Natalie the first week of being in the house) and it was a bunch of (what I'm calling) "Bored Drama"...when nothing else seems to be going on and ya need to fill the time. Natalie is pulling the "I really like him!" crap, and Matt is basically saying "No way! Stay away from me." He's attracted to her (or so he says) but that he wants to keep his head in the game and *not* having sex/relationship with anyone in the house so he can remain focused. BUT...if that was true, then why would he use her for blowjobs? He's not making sense. Oh, big brother. *sigh*

Here's a short clip of their argument (this is after they fought in front of all the other HG's) courtesy of xx2OOxx:

Okay, so today was the Veto Ceremony and Josh & Sharon decided to.....

*****SPOILER ALERT!!!!!*****

NOT use the POV! The noms stay the same!!

As the votes stand right now, looks like Alex & Amanda...WILL STAY!!! But it's still too early to tell. I mean, its only Sunday and they have until Weds. (live eviction night) which is an eternity in the BB house. lol

In other news, James and Chelsia are still flirty and kissing every once in a while. Awwwww!! ;-) Glad to see them getting along really good and not letting it affect their game (not yet, at least!!)

So that's your Sunday report!! I'm going to make a new post in a few minutes about what is currently going on with the HG's on the live feeds, including screenshots and maybe even a new poll (those are always fun!!) :D

Okay kids, keep checking back for the new post. Until then..

Stay tuned...