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Thursday, February 28, 2008

While we're waiting for the food comp results...

I just noticed that one of our favorite youtube guys (Quirkydude) posted a new video from this morning in the BB house!!

Okay, here's the scoop:

Josh & Sharon (and the rest of the house) want Allison GONE!!! That's a no-brainer. They've all had it with her bullshit and her whining, and she's the main target this week. Sooo, Josh & Sharon want to put up Allison & Ryan, and use Matt & Natalie as a pawn. Now, like I posted last night, Matt saw this coming (him being on the block) and he just 'knew' that he was going to get evicted.

Here's a clip of everyone discussing how to make sure Allison goes home this week, and it's provided by Quirkydude:

Does Matt look scared or what? lol

There was a mini-fight between Allison and Josh 20 mins before I recorded the video I posted in my previous post: Allison was trying to be like Josh and verbally attacking him and when it wasn't working, she got in his face and Josh told her to 'get 5 feet away' from him and she responded with "BB told *you* to stay 5 feet away from *me*." I swear everyday in that house, is 1 more year younger that Allison acts. That's not good strategy..AT ALL! It's fucking annoying, its pissing EVERYBODY off in the house, and it's not going to win her the money. What the hell is she doing??? I think she "flew over the coo-coo's nest" or something and forgot where she's at.

I have to admit, though I never was a fan of Allison's, I gave her kudos for being a strong manipulator and for (trying to be) creative with the whole lesbian alliance thing. And she CAN fuck with peoples minds really good, but all of sudden, it's like she lost it or something. ::shrugs:: I dunno. Somebody on the feeds last night said "She should be strong enough and know herself well enough to *not* let verbal comments get to her. But they are. And that's whats scary." I wish I could remember who it was....damn. Anyways, whoever said that, is 100% right! She's a smart and educated girl....she should be handling herself better. And in the video I posted above, you hear Sheila saying that Allison is "mentally broke down". I agree.

I thought BB had a psychologist on stand-by? If they do, they need to pull her aside and talk to her. It's almost sad to watch her anymore.

But I digress.

I'll let you know when the live feeds come back on from the HG's doing their Food Comp! :-D

Oh, and today is NOMINATIONS DAY on the feeds!! That'll be interesting! ;-)

Stay tuned...