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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The house is flipping...again.

These houseguests are giving me a headache today lol One minute they say [this], the next minute they say [that]. Arghhh!!!

So James and Chelsia were outside in the hammock and talking. Chelsia told James to not get excited just yet, she's nervous about the votes. James agrees.

Then Adam came outside and James went and sat on the backyard couch with, asking if he for-sure had his vote to stay and Adam promised his vote:

About 2 minutes later, Adam walked into the kitchen and told Sharon "If you can guarantee that you won't put me up on the block next week, I'll give you my vote." Sharon asked him why he even THOUGHT she'd do something like that, and Adam said "Well that's what Josh told me." Sharon said "Ooooo REALLY!?!!" (in a vengence kind of tone of voice). So Sharon of course promised he'd be safe, and in return, Adam promised his vote to Sharon instead. So Adam is the swing vote (and he's making that known to other hg's). It's going to be all up to him at this point.

Meanwhile, Matt is working get her to vote to evict James, and of course, Natalie is falling for his charm and whatever. Just when I gave her a little bit of credit, she shows how stupid she truly is. I think she's going to (once again) do whatever the hell her "Matty" wants her to do:

Also, all the HOH pics should be up soon (if not already), so head on over to to check those out!

Stay Tuned...