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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Thank you!!!

I want to take some time in between posts to show my thanks for ALL THE SUPPORT that you guys & gals have shown!!!

I want to post a few comments that I've received and share them with everyone (if I had enough space to put them all, I would!)

*I look so forward to your updates!!! I even "sneak" in a couple of times during the day at work to see what is happening. First thing I do in the morning, and last thing I do at night is check to see what you have written. And I keep telling my husband about little things like James being bi ... and he keeps asking me how I know and I won't tell him. You are the best blogger I have read. Keep up the good work! Keep on blogging ....


(Thank you Monica!! Hope you don't get in trouble at work! ;-) haha!)

*Thanks for the up-to-date info with the house guests. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!

(Thanks Melina!! You're a Big Brother 9 Blog fan, and therefore, you're awesome! :-D )

*I just want to take the time to thank you personally for all the updates you do during the day. Your the first place I go every morning when I wake up. Congrats on the BEST MYSPACE BLOG OUT THERE!! YOU ROCK

(Thanks for the support, Suebee!! You rock, too!!)

*Love your blog! Keep up the great work!!

(Thanks Ashlea!! You're too sweet!:-D )

*You are doing an awesome job! I love your site! Thanks for all the updates!
Keep up the good work!

(Thanks BeckyBear!! XOXOXOXO!!!!)

Thank you to those of you who have left comments here on the website, myspace, and through emails! I am truly humbled by EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!!!

Those of you who have given a Donation through paypal or who have signed up for the live feeds through us, THANK YOU!!! Words can not even begin to express how thankful and truly grateful I really am that you all continue to support the Big Brother 9 Blog and keep it alive!!

To each and every one of you: THANK YOU!!!!!

Jamie :-)

More updates on the HG's coming up!!!

Stay tuned...