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Monday, April 21, 2008

Sharon is packing..(pics)

If this doesn't make it official that today there will be an eviction, then I don't know what will!!

(By the way, that "Watch Replay" button at the top is the button that you can click and watch Season 9 of Big Brother all over again! Right now, it's week 1 in the house. It's so weird to see *everyone* in the house and talking! But kinda neat at the same time! :) So if you're a fan of this season, you can sign up for the live feeds and watch not only the last 6 days of this season, but you can also watch it from the beginning as well!!)

Sharon got her suitcase from the storage room and she's packing her stuff!! Sharon ticked off Sheila earlier because Sharon was going to get dressed in comfy "comp" clothes and not all dressed up for the Veto Ceremony. This made Sheila believe that not only was Sharon *not* going to get evicted, but that she knew it as well. Sharon ended up putting on nice clothes but Sheila is right to assume all of that.

I still wouldn't put it past Adam to vote out Sharon instead of Sheila, but who knows!

Stay tuned...