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Monday, April 21, 2008

Veto Ceremony + Eviction + 1st HOH Comp??

Hey everyone!! Looks like today will be a busy day on the live feeds! BB is treating this day like a live eviction day, and yesterday was treated like a typical Tuesday (only on a Sunday lol)

The HG's have commented that they will be "seeing Julie" today. Now, there is no show tonight, let alone a live show tonight. So my guess is that they will be taping the eviction.

Also, Ryan commented this morning in the kitchen that they are "on Showtime right now"...which means they are being taped for Showtime's "After Dark" show tonight (at least that is my guess). Ryan also commented on the set-up crew in the backyard was still making noise today. My guess is that it's an endurance comp set up and it's for Part 1 of the Final HOH Comp.

*****Flashback Video*****
Last year, Part 1 of the Final HOH Comp was Zach/Dani/Dick holding onto a key while jumping over a bunny rabbit and being sprayed with cold water:

*****End of Flashback Video*****

So, to recap:
We will have the Veto Ceremony today and then 1 houseguest will be evicted tonight, that's pretty much set in stone, and we're thinking that the HOH comp (the endurance comp) will be tonight!! For those of you who don't have the feeds yet and are unfamiliar with them, the HOH Endurance Comp will be shown on them!!! The trial for the feeds are for 14 days..there's only 6 days of this season do the math. lol It just makes sense to get them and be part of the action!!

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Stay tuned...